Staff Profiles


Name: Donald Hind

Job Title: Marine Development Manager

Length of time with Corpach Boatyard:  24 years – Don formed the original company in 1992.

Degrees/Qualifications:  Fine Art Degree BA (Hons).
RYA Yacht Master Offshore, Don maintains sea time now by skippering various charter vessels.

Likes about your job:  Don said ‘Having a bit of a laugh in the office, without which I would go nuts’, we think he is already nuts but that’s besides the point………….April fool’s day is always a hoot in our office as Don knows only too well

Hobbies & Interests:  In his spare time Don enjoys sea kayaking, sailing and riding his motor bike.

Something interesting or extraordinary about you:  In 1972 Don watched the moon landing rocket, Apollo 17 taking off. He was in a hotel room in Jacksonville, Florida, waiting to join a ship.


Andy P

Name: Andy Pegram

Job Title: Boatbuilder

Length of time with Corpach Boatyard:  Andy joined the company in 2014, originally from London Andy worked as a Boatbuilder in Norfolk for 5 years. He and his wife Sonia came up to Fort William in 2013 to get married at Caig Falls and loved it so much that they decided this is where they wanted to move to, and as a skilled Boatbuilder we were more than happy to welcome him to join our team.

Degrees/Qualifications:  Having left school with 2 A levels and 10 O levels Andy then gained a TEC in Electronics, City & Guilds in Boatbuilding & City & Guilds in Motorbike Mechanics.

Likes about your job:  Andy said he loves the variety that the job provides and gets on well with the team.

Hobbies & Interests:   Walking his dogs, cycling, sailing, kayaking, camping and of course drinking beer!!

Something interesting or extraordinary about you:   Andy spent 6 months bird trapping in Costa Rica, this involved getting up at 4am and trekking through a dark forest, with only huge spiders and ants for company….we now know who to go to next time we need a spider removed from the canteen!



Name: Gary Walker

Job Title: Boatbuilder

Length of time with Corpach Boatyard:  Gary joined the company when he moved back from Aberdeen in 2014.

Degrees/Qualifications:  Gary is a semi-skilled welder and hopes in the future to gain his coded welder certificate.

Likes about your job:  Gary enjoys learning different things and the variety that the job offers, expressing a particular interest in fabricating.

Hobbies & Interests:  Gary enjoys fishing, spending time with friends and family and having passed his test nearly a year ago enjoys driving. He is also considering buying shares in Tennent’s Lager since he seems to class this as a hobby too.

Something interesting or extraordinary about you:  Gary only has one thumb after having an argument with a ripsaw whilst doing some DIY at home…….thankfully so far all other digits remain intact.




Name: Jamie King

Job Title: Boatbuilder

Length of time with Corpach Boatyard:  Originally joining the company in 2005 Jamie left in 2008 to run a plant hire company and is another employee that missed us so much that he decided to return in 2014.

Degrees/Qualifications:  A mechanical engineer to trade, Jamie also has an HNC in Aircraft Building & Maintenance which he put to good use whilst working at RAF in Kinloss.

Likes about your job: Jamie likes the responsibility of being asked to complete a task and just being left to get on with it and also the challenges and variety the job brings.

Hobbies & Interests: Jamie is a huge motor racing enthusiast and builds his own motor cars, he also has a lovely wife although she rarely sees him as he spends half his life in the garage tinkering with an engine.

Something interesting or extraordinary about you: Jamie is very interested in astronomy and actually has his own star called The Jamie King Star, although it is only visible on 23rd, 24th & 25th December every year.




Name: Archie MacGillivray

Job Title: Boatbuilder

Length of time with Corpach Boatyard:  Archie was one of the very first people to work on the slipway before it was bought by Don, who then employed Archie at the age of 19. He left in 2005 to work in the Paper Mill, then with Key Housing and finally as a Community Services Officer before returning to the boatyard in 2012.

Degrees/Qualifications: Archie has several SVQs including Painting, Boat Fitting and Caring, he also has a City & Guilds in Fibre Glassing, Woodwork and Hull Planking.

Likes about your job: Job satisfaction is the main thing Archie likes, completing a big project and receiving great feedback from a customer he says that makes it all worthwhile.  Another big like that he mentioned is the fact that he is getting closer to retirement….who can blame him really.

Hobbies & Interests:  Archie is a very keen squash player and is currently trying to get into the Scottish team, he also enjoys fishing, canoeing and goes skiing in Italy every year.

Something interesting or extraordinary about you:  In his early teens Archie was in the Scottish National Judo squad for juniors, being one of the very first people to win medals for Lochaber.



Name: Shaun Fraser

Job Title: Boatbuilder

Length of time with Corpach Boatyard: Shaun started with us in 1998 and left in 2010, he then returned in 2013.

Degrees/Qualifications: Shaun has completed his SVQ level 1 & 2 in Boatbuilding as well as gaining his coded welder certificate.

Likes about your job: Prefers the engineering side of the work but really likes the fact that you are not doing the same thing all the time, lots of variety.

Hobbies & Interests: In his spare time Shaun hand makes gates and enjoys walking. He enjoys regular holidays and even more regular visits to the local pub.

 Something interesting or extraordinary about you: Shaun has competed in strongman competitions, used to enjoy Tia Boxing and has swum with Dolphins.



Willie Pic 3

Name: Willie MacGillivary

Job Title: Foreman

Length of time with Corpach Boatyard:  Willie was with boatyard from the start but then left for a short time returning in 2009 because he was missing us so much

Degrees/Qualifications:  Coded welder, DOSA SVQs in Engineering, Joinery, Fabrication & Painting. Multi-skilled

Likes about your job: Willie simply said that he loves his work and is pretty much a workaholic. He enjoys the variety that the job provides and the fact that you can be working on something one minute and then loading up the van and on the way to Mull the next. Particularly enjoys metal working.

Hobbies & Interests: With 2 younger children and 2 older girls Willie enjoys spending time with family, lots of camping and fishing trips when the weather allows.

Something interesting or extraordinary about you: Although struggling to answer Willie eventually remembered that many years ago he completed a bungee jump up at Nevis Range… that we would have loved to see.


Robert Website Pic

Name: Robert Linton

Job Title: Finance Administrator

Length of time with Corpach Boatyard: Robert joined part-time in 2014 to support the office administration team.

Degrees/Qualifications:  Robert has a degree in Business Studies and Law which he completed in Liverpool. As he much prefers working with figures (of the number variety) he decided to pursue a career in the admin side of things rather than follow on from his degree and become a lawyer.

Likes about your job:  Being a people person Robert’s first answer on what he likes about his job was the people he works with, and being biased we of course 100% agree. Robert also likes the variety the job brings and loves nothing more than getting to the bottom of an issue and resolving it.

Hobbies & Interests:  Robert is a huge music fan, and has a very eclectic taste, everything from Slip Knot to Motown, and is a keen concert goer! Robert also loves DIY, gardening and walking in the rain with his dog.

Something interesting or extraordinary about you:  When younger Robert wanted to be Prime Minister, he even had a campaign in school called ‘Bob for PM’, sadly this never came to pass and instead of Downing Street he got Corpach Boatyard…..not a bad compromise we reckon!


Ross (1)

Name: Ross MacLennan

Job Title: Boatbuilder

Length of time with Corpach Boatyard:  Ross joined the business in 2007 after previously working as a labourer for his Uncle.

Likes about your job:  Being the joker of the team Ross inevitably said that the thing he enjoyed most was the craic…..never to be seen without a smile on his face. Work wise he enjoys painting the most, he gets great satisfaction on seeing the finished result on a boat after being painted.

Hobbies & Interests:  Biggest interest is socialising…….in layman’s terms, after a hard day’s work its onto  ‘The Pub’ then home to his beloved other  half…….his PS4!!!




Name: Tom Gilchrist

Job Title: Buyer

Length of time with Corpach Boatyard: Tom joined in 2011.

Likes about your job: Tom began working down in the yard as a boatbuilder and then moved to the office to become our buyer, it is position that is not without its challenges but Tom really enjoys the fact every day is different.

Hobbies & Interests: Anything outdoors, Tom is part of the Mountain Rescue Team and has  S.A.R.D.A dog called Tara. When not at work Tom likes to spend time with his family canoeing, sailing and skiing.

Something interesting or extraordinary about you: Many years ago Tom worked for an adventure travel company in Nepal and had to commute to the jungle every day, in order to do this the company that he worked for had to provide a method of transport, jungle style. Tom was given an elephant called Jasper which he went to work on every day…..we are rather relived that it’s now just a bike parked outside the office and not Jasper!


Shane mugshot 009

Name: Shane Davenport

Job Title: Boatbuilder

Length of time with Corpach Boatyard:  Shane has been with the business since the outset and also spent 7 years with the previous owner.

Degrees/Qualifications:  Shane left school at 16 and started working for the White Fish Authority, he then moved on to the Highlands & Islands Development board. Shane has also gained an SVQ Level 3 in Engineering Assembly Mechanical & Ship Systems.

Likes about your job:  The variety of the job has great appeal to Shane, his main likes being engineering, fault finding & repairing engines, from small ones to huge V12’s.

Hobbies & Interests:  Shane can often be seen at weekends scooting about on his mountain bike, he also enjoys archery & cooking, his signature dish being slow roast lamb.

Something interesting or extraordinary about you:  Shane has represented Scotland on several occasions as a member of Scottish International Clay Pigeon Shooting Team.



Name: Les Arnold

Job Title: Boat builder

Length of time with Corpach Boatyard: Les joined the company in 1998, having been at Rosyth Dockyards for 20 years, which is where he served his apprentice-ship as a Mechanical Fitter & Turner.

Degrees/Qualifications:  Since joining Corpach Boatyard Les has gained his coded welder certificate and vertical welding certificate.

Likes about your job:  Les likes the variety of work and the fact that you don’t know what job you are going to get until you get in in the morning.

Hobbies & Interests:  When younger Les liked to play/watch a lot of football, but now prefers more leisurely activities like fly fishing. He also mentions that he does a lot of DIY, but not because he likes it, more to do with the fact that if he tries to come down the ladder, his wife throws things at him to make him go back up and finish the job…..we like her style, maybe we should try this approach in the yard!

Something interesting or extraordinary about you:  When asked the above question Les replied ‘well, I used to live on the moon but had to come back because there was no atmosphere’ – we now know why his workmates think he is the king of cheesy jokes!


Name: Cameron Higgins

Job Title: Project Development Assistant (Graduate Placement)

Length of time with Corpach Boatyard: Cameron joined the Company in January 2017.

Degrees/Qualifications:  Cameron has a B.Eng degree in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering.

Likes about your job:  Really enjoy the good relationship with all staff, both in the office and the workshop.  He enjoys meeting with clients and liaising with them to ensure we carry out their instructions fully – helped by Don and the Foremen Gordon and Willie whilst he is learning the ropes.  He has been gaining practical experience in the workshop and this is helping in his key role which is to help Don design and build the third slipway and extend the current workshop to take vessels up to 63 metres long and 800 tons. The highlight of his week is the mega breakfast roll he has each Friday.

Hobbies & Interests:  Cameron is a keen footballer and played for Livingstone Youth FC. and he has also developed a great enthusiasm for watersports such as water-skiing and jetski.  Also interested in golfing he tells us he likes to play a round!

Something interesting or extraordinary about you:  Always keen to take on a dare he was once pushed naked in a wheelbarrow through a bed of nettles – we are now planning his next dare and are open to suggestions.