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Great Glen Shipping Co

The Great Glen Shipping Company was established in 2010 and currently operates two sister vessels, the MV Isis and the MV Burhou, which ship timber, aggregates and other bulk cargoes throughout the west coast of Scotland, and south to England and Ireland.

Adjoining our offices here at Corpach Boat Builders, Liam Browning (Managing Director) is the designated person ashore for the vessels, and Duncan MacLeod (Office Manager) is responsible for ISM (International Safety Management) of the vessels. Karena Hutton (Financial Administrator) is responsible for all aspects of financial control for the company.Their hopes for the future include finding a suitable third vessel to operate within the Caledonian Canal transporting bulk timber from remote forests in the north and west of Scotland to the east coast.

Karena GGSC

Liam & DuncanMV Isis, Fort William